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MRP 99/box & 1,980/carton

From the beginning we have had close contact with our customers and have received much praise, suggestions and criticism, which has helped the IZAPO Charcoal Filters products to continually improve. That's how we were able to develop the unique IZAPO Charcoal Slim Filter at the beginning of 2016 after years of planning and tests.

  • Charcoal Filter SLIM and Perfect for ROLLING and WOODEN SMOKING PIPE.
  • Through Charcoal every puff tastes comfortable, cool and dry.
  • This is Healthy, Disposable, Portable and Medical.
  • It is use about 5 - 6 time change it.

Product Packaging and Dimension:

Diameter: 9 MM Length: 3.8 MM

Box: 10 Pack of filters, Carton: 20 boxes of filters